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Old User Guide

Welcome to the DermaSculpt family, we're excited to help you on your body sculpting journey! Here you can set up and find your perfect treatment plan using our device's two modes.

Ultrasonic Mode - Slim and Reduce Fat

Note: The ultrasonic mode creates very precise vibrations that are hard to detect with just your sense of touch. You can test your device with a water test — simply turn on the ultrasonic mode and put a few drops of water on the head of the device. The droplets should begin to pulsate as ultrasound waves come in contact with them. Additionally, your device will only get a bit warm when the infrared function is turned on.

We recommend using the ultrasonic mode with infrared 2-3 times per week for 15 minutes on each target area for best fat and cellulite reduction results.

1. Plug the power cord into the bottom of your device, and plug the other end into a wall outlet.

2. Turn on your device with the power button.

3. Select the ultrasonic mode, pressing once for low and twice for high (you can start out on low and move on to high). Turn on the infrared function (it uses heat-producing infrared waves to stimulate collagen and improve results).

4. While optional, you can apply a gel or oil to the target area to improve results. You can use coconut oil, aloe vera, or your favorite skin care cream.

5. Move the device in a circular motion on each target area for 15 minutes. We recommend having sessions every 3 days to give your body a proper resting period.

6. Drink lots of water! While it may sound simple, the body needs plenty of water while undergoing ultrasonic cavitation treatments to properly flush out fat through the lymphatic system. 

EMS Mode - Tone Skin and Muscle

Note: Do not use the electrode pads across your chest, head, face, neck, or injured body part. Do not use this mode if you have any metal implants, including pacemakers, joint replacements, or any other metal inside the body.

We recommend using the EMS mode after your ultrasonic session for improved skin firming and toning. It can also be used in separate sessions as a supplemental.

1. Connect the electrode pads to the lead fasteners.

2. Place both electrode pads a few inches apart on the target area (lower stomach, leg, or arm).

3. Move the intensity selector to the first position (lowest intensity).

4. Plug the wire into the side of the device.

5. Press the power button.

6. Select one of the EMS modes using the slider.

7. Press the EMS button.

8. Adjust the intensity level if needed (5 levels).

9. The device will automatically stop after 10 minutes of EMS. If you wish to continue the treatment, repeat the procedure starting at step 5 by powering it on. We recommend no more than 15 minutes of EMS treatment per session when starting out.

10. After you are finished, change the intensity back to first position and change the mode to "no mode".



Congratulations! You're well on your way to the body of your dreams. If you have any further questions about your device and how to use it effectively, please contact us at support@dermasculpt.co.